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'ALERT has saved BOC very significant sums of money on its wholesale energy purchases, but it has also enabled a more efficient purchasing and risk management process, so it’s freed up my time to focus on other energy-related projects.' Grant Holland, Utilities Manager, BOC Read More...

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VuePoint Solutions acquires Energy Alert

6th May 2016 - VuePoint Solutions a leading energy specialist software and services provider announced today that it had acquired Energy Alert a provider of energy trading risk management (ETRM) services to major energy consumers.

Commenting on the acquisition Mark Taylor, MD of VuePoint Solutions said "The VuePoint range of services are designed to enable you to make quicker, better informed decisions, allowing you to optimise your positions and portfolios and to stay ahead of the competition. By Incorporating Energy Alert&lsquos extensive trading and risk management experience in UK gas and power markets and provision of additional broker data, we can help to further improve the utility procurement performance of our customers. Bringing together of the two companies, coupled with the launch of our services on Thompson Reuters means we are able to provide a holistic capability that we believe is unrivalled in this market space."

Mike Coulten, MD of Energy Alert said "The synergy between our solutions and our customer base meant that by bringing together our two market leading applications our users will be able to get the best of both products from a single solution. Energy Alert customers will also benefit from the skills depth, rapid development capabilities and leading edge technologies that VuePoint can deliver. We are excited at this opportunity to drive forward and deliver a capability that continues to knock the socks off our competitors."

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Energy Alert provides its market-leading energy purchasing and risk management application ALERT to many of the UK's largest energy consumers.

The app displays real-time gas and power prices and monitors a consumer's position against budget, alerting users via text and email as market prices change. ALERT also contains a full reporting suite, sending user-defined PDF reports to key stakeholders, and integrates real time and historic price and posiion data with existing Excel spreadsheets.

Contact us today to have a demo on how ALERT can reduce your wholesale energy costs while protecting budgets.


ALERT brings you as close to the gas and power markets as is possible with real-time forward market prices aggregated across brokers and exchanges into a single curve. By estimating a complete real-time forward curve wherever prices are not quoted, ALERT facilitates real-time position reporting with full Value at Risk metrics so your budgets are protected all the time, every day.


Price and position limits are monitored in real-time and generate SMS text and Email messages that cascade through a list of recipients ensuring that timely price limit notifications result in timely actions, wherever your people are.

When you do need to buy or sell, ALERT gives you a unique insight into the price dynamic, allowing you to see if the second-by-second prices you are being offered by your supplier are good value or not.


ALERT produces secure PDF reports that allow defined stakeholders to see that transactions were performed as per the Trading Strategy and Risk Management policy rules. As ALERT also records a full audit trail, managers can demonstrate the entire process from policy adoption to price capture and demonstrate that policy has been implemented as agreed.

Cost effective

For less than two thousand pounds a month (including data costs) our easy-to-set-up system could significantly improve your procurement performance, whatever your purchasing strategy or current set of advisors and contracts. For smaller consumers, fees are capped at 0.5% of annual spend.

Simple to use, effective, secure, potentially huge savings. Take control of your exposure, ask for a demo of ALERT today.

Free two week trial

Call us for a demo and a two week free trial of the full ALERT system using Spectron and GFI live data.

Free confidential trade audit report

Did you manage to buy at your stop loss/buy trigger, or just after? What price did you get when you did purchase? Was it the lowest price in the market at the precise time you purchased? ALERT produces second-by-second charts of the best bid and ask price in the market, allowing you to see exactly how good, or bad, your limit monitoring and price capture really were.

No other platform records this real-time bid/ask price data and the only data most consumers have access to is settlement prices from the previous day and market trades.

Most consumers simply do not know if they
or their advisors could have done better

Find out first, ask us to confidentially show you ALERT auditing your trades from any time in the last 10 months.

It's a free 5 minute call. Whatever the outcome, you need to know.